On this page we will be sharing personal insights from Bell consumers, staff, donors, and volunteers. There will be opportunities to share your perspectives, too, on the vital work being done to build a strong community here in the greater York/Hanover area of southeastern Pennsylvania.

Here is a poem shared by a former resident of Bell Family Shelter

“Our Stay”

We’re all residents of the Shelter

‘Cause somehow we lost our way.

To be in our own homes again

Will be such a glorious day.


Until such days arrive for us

We should make of this the best we can.

Start to turn things around

And figure out how this all began.


We should respect one another, always

And follow all the rules, as well.

We should clean up after our kids

And get rid of diapers before they smell.


Wipe down the tables,

Put away your child’s toys,

Keep your hands out of the food,

Keep down some of the noise.


As tension builds and problems arise

Dont’ yell or curse out your spouse.

Try to resolve it peacefully –

Remember, this is not your house.


Value others’ personal space

Don’t pry, don’t tell, and don’t ask.

Focus on your own family goals

Take care of your daily tasks.


Say good morning or goodnight

As you pass by, on your way.

Would it kill you to say to your neighbor?

Hey!  Have a great day!


I am not an expert

Nor possess a psychological degree.

These are just my observations

And some things that bother me.


So take this time to figure out

What lessons are to be learned.

How to get some stuff

That’s not given, but that you earned.


See, I’m tired of going in circles

Coming up empty, time after time.

Struggling, stressing and crying–

About to lose my mind.


I just can’t live like this

Continuously, anymore.

I want to turn a key

And it opens up my door.


People say

God bless the Child that’s got his own.

Right now I feel like Dorothy –

I want to click my heels and be home.