Bed Race Team Registration Info

Registration is OPEN !

Call your friends, family and co-workers and sign up today to be a part of the fun!

This is the 5th annual Bell’s Big Bed Race fundraising event to benefit Bell Socialization Services and its programs that lift up our York and Adams county neighbors by providing housing and basic living supports – including making sure people have a safe, affordable place to sleep.

The actual bed racing component of the event is a bit different than in previous years, so please read on

Easier than ever to participate

The new race format eliminates the need for teams to build and store a bed, and cuts down on the physical exertion of racing the bed multiple times throughout the day.

Here’s what else is new:

Simplified registration everyone pays the same!

$25/person = $125 for each five-person team  from now until March 27 (when registration closes)

We provide the beds and mattresses! 

Each team is provided with a twin mattress and a wooden frame (with headboard and foot board) on wheels to race.  The beds are built to the same specifications and with the same size and type of wheels. Identical mattresses.

Timing is everything: Just show up with your bed linens and race!

With no bed building and day-of inspections, you and your team simply need to arrive by 10 to sign in, pick up your shirts and goody bags, and you’ll be in on the action by 11.

 You’ve got to bring with you:

  • one set twin bed sheets (one fitted and one flat)
  • one standard pillow case
  • one blanket
  • one NEW pillow (which will be donated to Bell after the race)

Go with a theme:  Match team outfits and bed linens to your theme, as there will be a trophy for Best Themed Team.

THE RACE – The first race of the day kicks off at 11am

Two five-person teams race head-to-head on foot in relay fashion to make their bed, and then race it across the finish line. (There will likely be two sets of teams racing at the same time on different ends of the street as we anticipate lots of teams participating.)

The race begins by each team carrying the provided twin mattress from the Start to the provided bed frame (half block distance).

Once the mattress is on the bed:

  • Racer 1 runs back to Start to get and return with fitted sheet, then
  • Racer 2 runs to get and return with flat sheet while rest of team puts fitted sheet on mattress, then
  • Racer 3 runs to get and return with pillow, then
  • Racer 4 runs to get and return with pillow case, then
  • Racer 5 runs to get and return with blanket, while team inserts pillow into pillow case

Once bed is completely made:

Rider jumps onto bed (wearing their helmet) and remaining four members race bed back to the Start/Finish line!

Top four fastest teams advance to semi-final. Two fastest teams then compete for first and second place.

Location. Location! 

In the heart of the Royal Square neighborhood/district, Bell’s Big Bed Race is right next to cool shops and art galleries to enjoy, and three restaurants (including a craft beer destination) within a half block.

Event PARKING – There is a large lot along King Street, which must be accessed from Queen Street on event day. For directions, use 141 E. King Street, York PA  17401 as the address.

And, speaking of that craft beer destination . . .

The After Party

Stick around for the award ceremony, fun & games, food & drink, and

the International Pillow Fight Day PILLOW FIGHT

in the parking lot of Collusion Tap Works, 105 S. Howard Street

Remember, all this fun is to benefit a good cause!

Teams are encouraged to make their impact even bigger by creating an online fundraising team. Can your team earn the Bell Ringer trophy for most money raised in 2020? 

Spectators can help, too! Bell’s Big Bed Race is free to attend and cheer on your favorite teams. Those on the sidelines enjoying the event will be encouraged by official volunteers to help support Bell’s mission.


Where to Park?

There is a big parking lot on the northwest corner of King and Queen streets. On race day you’ll need to access it from S. Queen Street (since King Street will be closed for the race). There is additional street parking in the surrounding blocks of the Royal Square neighborhood. Check out the City Parking Map for details.

The Mumbo Jumbo Stuff – All team members – who must be 16 years of age or older – must read and agree to the Bell’s Big Bed Race Rules & Guidelines and sign a Waiver of Liability prior to racing. Both of these documents will be emailed to the team captain upon registration.



Thanks for your support of Bell.  SEE YOU ON RACE DAY, APRIL 4!