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Independence Day GIVE

As we in the U.S. celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, we revel in the idea of independence on a large scale. Yet, even though we’re recognizing one country’s liberation, a lot of what we celebrate really comes down to what we enjoy and experience as personal freedoms.

Donate to empower people toward idependence.

In fact, from the time we take our first steps we seeme to have a desire for independence. To stand on our own two feet. To make our own way. The older we get, the more independent we want to be. For some of us it’s learning to drive, getting a job to buy the things we want, and living in our own place.

Sometimes, however, life and circumstance have another plan.

Individuals and families who come to Bell Socialization Services are yearning for independence. With our mission of providing an environment of support and empowerment where people can improve their quality of living, our programs are geared to help them reach for that goal.  Across the fields of mental health, intellectual disability, and shelter services, Bell offers assistance with housing, budgeting, job training and placement, daily life skills, connections to resources, and more.

By setting individualized goal plans, working together with trained staff, and persevering against all odds, they make strides at whatever level they are able. Their journey is not easy. Ever.  But they aren’t alone.

Donate to empower people toward idependence.

For those of us who are privileged to stand beside them – through our paid work and volunteer time, with our cash gifts and in-kind donations – we do so because we value our independence and want it for others.

Because we know you are beside us in this work, we thank you in advance for your gift to our Independence Day GIVE.   Whether you make your gift today or donate on July 4, 2017, your symbol of support means a lot. And will do a lot.  Thanks!



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