Peer Programs

Oasis House

Oasis House is designed on the clubhouse model of Fountain House in Manhattan, New York.

A clubhouse is a recovery-oriented joint operation between members and staff, where people with a history of mental illness can go for support in their efforts to become more a part of their community.

The key to clubhouse is the work-ordered day. Members have opportunities to participate in the work needed to keep the clubhouse going. Every member has access to Transitional Employment (TE) positions and support in finding independent employment.

Members and staff share all responsibilities in the clubhouse. Decisions regarding policy and procedure are made during house meetings, where all interested persons can be involved.  The orientation process allows new members the opportunity to experience all the clubhouse units.

The Administrative Unit coordinates daily administrative work of the clubhouse. Responsibilities include intake, clerical, billing, outreach, and attendance. This unit is involved with the hiring of new staff. A monthly newsletter keeps members informed of clubhouse activities.

The thrift shop is a member-run store selling clothes and household items. Members work to sort and price donations, work at the cash register and deal with customer service.

The clubhouse Kitchen Unit is responsible for food service within the clubhouse, including meal planning, cooking or baking, determining prices, shopping, waiting tables and clean up. Meals are available at specified times throughout the day. A snack bar is open for members to take advantage of at their convenience.

Employment & Education Unit

Independent employment is a goal of some members and the clubhouse provides a place for help and support in the process of finding and maintaining a job.  Staff can go to an interview or a new job with a member to provide assistance. Members can also meet with a staff generalist or other members to discuss strengths and needs in the workplace.  This unit’s main function is to assist members in reaching goals of employment. Members search want ads for jobs, receive help with resume preparation and filling out applications. This unit also plans and organizes employment dinners.

Transitional Employment Program offers members paid work. TE positions are available to all members. Members are paid directly by the employer. These positions are usually six to nine months long and between 16 and 20 hours per week.  Members and staff work to educate others in basic typing and computer skills. The orientation process for new members is scheduled and run through this unit.

Oasis House is located at 751 S. Queen Street, York PA.

For more information, contact:

Joanna Witmer
Oasis House Program Coordinator

Certified Peer Specialist Program

[Bell’s Certified Peer Specialist program was discontinued effective June 30, 2012, due to state budget cuts.]