Assertive Community Treatment

ACT provides outpatient treatment and case management, complete with rehabilitative support and psychosocial services, within a mobile, outreach-oriented team. The team utilizes a proactive, client-centered approach delivering services in consumers’ home and workplace.

The ACT team is made up of a psychiatrist, nurse, therapist, housing specialist, drug/alcohol specialist, peer support specialist, and a vocational specialist.  This treatment service is available to adults with severe and persistent mental illness in York and Adams Counties.

On call 24 hours a day for emergency treatment, the team provides home delivery of medications and actively works with consumers on physical health care needs.

This is a voluntary program,  targeted towards consumers who are repetitive users of services, but have enjoyed only minimal benefits from more traditional services.

Specific services include:

– Case Management

–  Crisis Assessment and Intervention

–  Individual Supportive Therapy

–  Medication and Prescription Monitoring

–  Substance Abuse Services

–  Employment & Work Related Services

–  Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

–  Housing Supports

–  Social & Leisure Skill Training

–  Mental Health Education for  Consumers and Their Families


All individuals must meet Medical Necessity for the service, and must have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, other psychotic disorder or chronic major mood disorder.

–  Must have a history of continuous high-service needs.

–  Must display a persistent lower-level of functioning.

To obtain the specific medical necessity criteria, please call York/Adams Health Choices Management Unit (HCMU) at (717) 771-9618.

ACT offices are located at 401 Carlisle Avenue in York, PA.   Phone: 717-792-2976