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Generosity: a readiness to give more

When someone mentions the holiday season, we often think of gratitude. (OK, OK, maybe we think of turkey, or family, or gifts. Then gratitude!) There’s plenty to be said for giving thanks, even in the most challenging times. But while gratitude focuses on the blessings bestowed to us, it’s generosity that inherently shifts the focus […]

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Cory Cuffley Selected for Board of Directors

Bell Socialization Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the selection of Cory Cuffley, CEP, CPA, CRPS, AIF; Financial Advisor of Stonebridge Financial Group to Bell’s Board of Directors in November 2020. Through his volunteer service with United Way, Downtown Daily Bread, and the PA Stand Down for Veterans, Cuffley became more aware of community issues. […]

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In Loving Memory

Today we celebrate the generosity of Leigh Ann Wilson for her Adopt-a-Half-Day gift in memory of her mother, Denise Suhrie. Individuals and groups may “adopt” a day (or more) at Bell Family Shelter by donating all or part of one day’s operating costs, often choosing a day that is important to them, like a birthday or anniversary, or […]

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