Our Wishlist

Your Donations Are Useful and Greatly Appreciated!

As need in our community grows and government funding sources become more scarce and less dependable, your in-kind donations of goods and services are vital to our efforts to meet the needs of our neighbors.

Want to organize a DONATION DRIVE for Bell?  Take a look at our wish list below to see what is most useful, and then contact us to let us know what you have in  mind so we can help spread the word.

by contacting   Outreach Coordinator Janel Fox   at jfox@bellsocialization.com

If we are unable to receive specific items you want to donate, we encourage you to consider one of our partners, knowing that the donation can also benefit Bell.

Re-Source York your donations of building and home furnishings can be donated to our long-time partner, Re-Source York. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of those items comes back to Bell Family Shelter through quarterly contributions. Re-Source York also offers job training and employment to people involved with Bell’s mental health services.

– Your donations of clothing and shoes to the York Community Aid store earn $.06/pound that is turned into Community Aid gift cards that are distributed to Bell service users to use in any CA store. Simply present your donation, along with our Bell code number 20015.  Again, clothing and shoes only; no household goods.


 Life Path Economy Store – Your donations to LifePath also convert to gift cards that Bell service users may use to make purchases at LifePath stores. When you drop off your donations, let them know you’d like it to support Bell.

THINGS WE NEED RIGHT NOW and pretty much always:

Large (18 to 20 gallon) plastic storage totes with lids

Towels washcloths, hand, and bath towels, new or clean, gently used

Personal Hygiene Items: deodorant (men & women), body wash


by contacting   Outreach Coordinator Janel Fox at jfox@bellsocialization.com


At any time of year, we generally accept the following donations in GOOD, USABLE CONDITION:

Umbrellas – Imagine waiting for the bus in the rain without an umbrella. Most Bell service users do not drive cars, relying on public transportation to get to work, job interviews, Bell programs, and doctor’s appointments.  Something simple like not having an umbrella can make a big difference in how their day plays out.

clean start squareLaundry & Household Cleaning Supplies (detergent, softeners, laundry baskets) (cleaners, mops, brooms, rubber gloves, sponges, empty spray bottles) These items are great for a collection drive, and easy for us to distribute to individuals and families in a bucket or laundry basket when they are setting up a new place to live.

Health Care Supplies (no outdated items accepted) – Assorted size bandages, gauze & sterile pads, medical tape, antibiotic cream, Pain Relievers (adult & pediatric), Cough syrup (alcohol free)

Hair Care items: shampoo, conditioner & styling product for all hair types, brushes, combs & picks


New Underwear and Sleepwear – all ages and sizes

Diapers (all sizes) and Baby Wipes – currently well stocked

Canned Goods and Dry Boxed Foods  Non-perishables are best for general purposes: Vegetables, Fruits, Meats (tuna/stews), Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Sugar, Flour, Brown Sugar, Pastas & Rice, Spaghetti Sauce, Cereals/Breakfast Bars, Boxed Potato & Noodle Mixes, Apple & Orange Juice

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste, Mouthwash (alcohol free) – currently well stocked

Socks – all ages and sizes (not needed right now thanks to some great collection drives : )

Hats, Gloves, Scarves – all sizes (not needed right now thanks to some great collection drives : )

Twin sheet sets (new or clean, gently used)  (not needed right now thanks to some great collection drives : )

Bed Pillows (new) (not needed right now thanks to some great collection drives : )

Furniture Please call to find out if we are able to accept your good-condition furniture items, as our space is limited and need varies.  Note that we will likely refer you to our partner, Re-Source York at 717-852-7574 which sells donated items and benefits Bell through quarterly contributions.)