ID Residential Services

Since 1988, Bell’s ID department has provided structured housing opportunities for intellectually disabled adults who need intensive support and specialized accommodations in order to live successfully in the greater York/Hanover area community.  We currently operate more than a dozen community living homes, each serving between two and four individuals.

The primary goal of Bell’s ID residential program is to help participants explore their utmost potential and integrate into the community at large to the fullest extent possible.

Residents are encouraged to develop their own interests, making personal choices about activities and programs outside the home environment. They are encouraged to stretch and expand outside of their social “comfort zones” to pursue opportunities as far as their skills and abilities will allow them.

While programs such as Special Olympics are very important and helpful to some, individuals are encouraged to go beyond these specialized areas and try new activities with people outside of their own peer group.  Staff offer guidance and support to help residents develop appropriate social skills, for example, learning and understanding how to interact with others in a variety of settings and incorporating appropriate “boundaries” into their social interactions.

Residential program staff provide 24/7 support, supervision, and training in daily living skills, social skills, personal hygiene, and medication administration. Each home is run by a Supervisor, who is ultimately responsible for managing the staff and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the home.  Supervisors, in turn, report directly to a Residential Program Specialist, who is responsible for overseeing the operations of four or five homes.

Case management for residents is provided by Supports Coordinators with the York County Mental Health/Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Program. This partnership helps to ensure appropriate and consistent coordination and integration of services to develop uniform goals for each individual, who is likely to be receiving services from several providers, in addition to Bell.  This system helps all providers to be “on the same page” in meeting individuals’ needs in regard to residential, social, sports, employment, medical, and psychological concerns.

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