Our Team

Our Team

Bell employs upwards of 250 people who are dedicated to Empowering lives. Every. Day.  Each one is a vital part of the Bell family and is valued for their contributions.  If you would like to speak directly with a member of our leadership team to learn more about the services they oversee, please use the list below to select the appropriate person. The main telephone number is 717-848-5767. All phone numbers are in the 717 exchange.

Administrative Services

Executive Director Anthony Schweitzer Ext. 500
Director of Finance Anita Sumner Ext. 511
Assistant Director of Finance Shannon Giannini Ext. 520
Director, Human Resources Kevin Traister Ext. 504
Director, Community Engagement Averie Clark Ext. 505
Property Manager Oscar Herrera Ext.502

Mental Health Services

Director, Mental Health Services Kris Stroup Ext. 400
Assistant Director, Mental Health Services Lori Leister Ext. 410
Program Coordinator, CRAS
(Community Residential Apartment Services)
Yvette Engel Ext. 408
Program Coordinator, CHIPP Supported Living (apartments) Yolanda McCanic Ext. 402
Program Coordinator, CHIPP Assisted Living (houses)  Jessica Putnam Ext. 212
Program Coordinator, Assertive Community Treatment Anne Elliott 792-2976
Program Coordinator, New Beginnings Karen Roland Ext. 401
Program Coordinator, Next Door Alfreda Bangbeor 356-2957
Program Coordinator, MH Supported Housing Airis Mercado ext. 217
Higher Standard Veterans program Airis Mercado ext. 217
Program Coordinator, Oasis House Clubhouse Joanna Witmer 848-3566

Intellectual Disability Services

Director, Intellectual Disability Services Theresa Franklin Ext. 300
Asst Director,  Intellectual Disability Services Angela Weaver Ext. 308
 Program Coordinator, Residential Services  Rachel Ocasio  Ext. 309
 Program Coordinator, Residential Services Lizabeth Mojica Ext. 317
 Program Coordinator, Residential Services Marcharee Jones Ext. 307
Program Coordinator, Adult Training Facility Patty Reese 624-3000

Shelter Services – 852 E. Market Street, York

Director, Shelter Services Marcella Kinard Brown 845-9536
Program Coordinator, Shelter Services  Christina Hines 900-6564

If you are interested in a rewarding career at Bell, see our Current Job Listings.