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Mental Health Services

Mental illnesses can affect people of any age, race, gender, or income. While these medical conditions can disrupt a person’s thinking, ability to relate to others, and daily functioning, more than 2/3 of Americans who have a mental illness live in the community and lead productive lives.

We work to eliminate the stigma of living with mental illness and offer services to empower people to improve their lives.


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Intellectual Disability Services

Bell provides supportive residential and social environments to help people living with intellectual disabilities explore their potential.

With appropriate personalized support plans, adults with limitations in their ability for learning, reasoning, and problem solving can explore their strengths, and build their capacity to live full, active lives.


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Homelessness & Housing Support

Individuals and families who are homeless, near homeless, or low income can find supportive services through Bell’s emergency shelter, transitional housing, and rental assistance programs.

Bell offers caring guidance plus connections to a network of community resources to help people empower themselves toward independent living.

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Discover an opportunity to engage with the vital work of Bell Socialization Services, including . . . Give Local York! Click the link for info, including some great activities and opportunities for you to connect and show your support on May 4.


Support Us on May 4 through Give Local York

May 4th is Give Local York– a day long celebration of generosity that supports local community benefit organizations in York County! You can use this exciting day to show your support of Bell by making a donation at and selecting Bell Socialization Services from the list of participating non-profits.  Your donation will be processed through the Give […]

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Olympic Gold (again!)

Enjoy this story from our 2014 archives. Kathy Kotzman likes to crochet. She enjoys making baby blankets to give away and recently learned to make booties, too.  Kathy also likes to ice skate. “It makes you feel free,” she says, “You can do anything you want.” That feeling of freedom may be what has led […]

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Summer Fun

Bell’s intellectual disability residential services staff and residents enjoy picnics and ice cream, and lots of fun field day activities on summer days at John C. Rudy County Park.

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Making Magical Memories with Shasta & Vicki

Shasta Douglass and Vicki Lawver spent hour upon hour for months plotting out every aspect of a trip they wanted to take. It all started last year when Shasta saw a commercial for Disney World on TV and signified that she wanted to ride the rollercoasters.  Bell staff in the community living home where Shasta […]

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Happy Birthday, Ron

At Bell, caring about one another becomes part of the job More than 18 years ago, Theresa Franklin was working in a Bell Socialization Services group home when she met Ron at an ice cream social. Little did they know their relationship would blossom and thrive for almost two decades. Since they met, Theresa has made it […]

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A hand in history: How Bell helped bring the Special Olympics to York County

A smile spreads across Shasta’s face as she runs across the gym. She takes aim at the basketball net. The thud of the ball hitting the backboard and sinking a score leads to cheers from the crowd on the edge of the court. An afternoon on the basketball court is about more than exercise for Shasta, one of […]

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

—Helen Keller