Bells Big Bed Race

Bell’s Big Bed Race is a super fun, family-friendly fundraising event to benefit Bell Socialization Services and its programs that help make sure vulnerable people in our York/Adams County communities have safe, affordable housing and a bed to sleep in at night.

WHERE? The 2020 Bed Race will be run on the 100 block of East King Street (between Duke and Queen streets in the heart of the Royal Square Neighborhood) in the city of York, PA.

There are a number of cool shops, art galleries and restaurants along King Street, all within steps of the race.

THE RACE: You’ll need five active, fun-loving people for your team. Decide who will be the team captain and REGISTER!  It’s only $25 per person ($125/team).

We provide the mattress and bed frame (on wheels); you just need to come up with a theme, lace up your running shoes, and bring along sheets, pillow, and blanket. It’s a half-block relay on foot to make the bed and then race it to the Finish. (Check out a more race details on the Team Info page.)

A host of other fun activities and games are scheduled to take place in the parking lot of Collusion Tap Works.

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