Adopt-A-Day Program




















Choose to support Bell Family Shelter in an extra meaningful way by donating one day’s operating cost of $1,350. Support an Adopt-a-Day individually or as a family, friend group, with your business, civic org, church, or through a foundation gift, etc.

Whether single or multiple days, this is a great way to celebrate specific dates, like a birthday or anniversary, or as a tribute to someone special.

Your “Adopt-a-Day” gift can be a one-time donation or spread it out over a year with convenient monthly gifts of $112.50.

For more info, contact the Community Engagement office at 717-848-5767, ext. 505.

To set up your Adopt-a-Day gift, and/or a fundraising page to rally support from your family and friends, please reach out to Averie Clark at or call 717.848.5767, ext. 505      

Adopt-a-Day sponsors are a special part of the Bell family.

Full day sponsors

  • are spotlighted on our web site and social media channels,
  • receive an invitation to an AAD breakfast at the Shelter followed by a personal tour,
  • receive invitation to & recognition at Bell’s annual agency celebration, and
  • will receive a pack of note cards featuring hand-drawn artwork from children in residence.

The following dates are “adopted” for 2022:

the 20th of every month – by Re-Source York (through quarterly gifts as a percentage of store profits)

February – five days the week of Valentine’s Day – Russell & Eleanor Horn Family Foundation

April 7 – in memory of her mother, Joan Bossong, by Rita & Tom Potter

April 12 – in memory of his mother, Annamarie Potter, by Tom and Rita Potter

June 7 – by Tom & Rita Potter in honor of their wedding anniversary

June 22 – by David Welber and Diane Krasner in honor of their wedding anniversary

July 7 – by Ed O’Brien and Susan Machado in honor of their wedding anniversary

October 19 – by Robert, Jr. and Judy Lease in honor of their wedding anniversary

November 19 – in honor of Judy’s birthday, by Robert Lease, Jr.