Vision, Mission, & Values

Bell Socialization  Services is staffed by nearly 250 employees and hosts hundreds of volunteers every year, including our Board of Directors. Together, we aspire to bring positive change to the greater York/Hanover area by offering opportunities for the 2,500 people served annually through our programs to enrich their lives.  Our vision, mission, and values inspire and guide us to advance this vital work.

OUR VISION A community where people are valued and respected, and live with dignity.


OUR MISSION To provide an environment of support and empowerment where people can improve their quality of living.



Person-Focused—we respect each individual and work with each one to provide the tools     necessary for success.

Diversity—we accept and celebrate differences and realize the world is a better place because of our individuality.

Non-Judgmental—we give our very best to every individual, every day, regardless of who they are or where they have been.

Sustainability—we look for ways to ensure  our organization is here to efficiently serve the  community for decades to come.

Casual—we create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere that encourages individuals to be themselves.

Integrity—we act with the highest level of moral character.