Employment Support

Work Can Provide Value Beyond a Paycheck 

The goal of Bell’s Supported Employment Program (SEP) and Transition Employment Program (TEP) is to match highly motivated and qualified individuals who have previously experienced challenges for employment with local businesses who need workers. Through these programs you receive support on and off the work site with the help of a job coach.  Your job coach will help you narrow down your talents, skills, and interests and evaluate suitable jobs. The job coach is with you every step of the way from looking for the right job, interviewing for a position, and developing your vocational skills so you can keep that job.

Bell’s SEP program is run in partnership with the ARC of York County under the name of Penn Employment. For more information, contact Karen Roland at 717-848-5767, ext. 401.

Transitional employee efforts are also coordinated through Bell’s Oasis House program, offering clubhouse members with opportunities for paid work.  Members who participate receive group and individual counseling sessions to help them prepare for employment.  Positions are typically six to nine months long and between 16 and 20 hours per week.  Individuals can learn food service, janitorial, office or lawn care skills by working at Bell’s contracted work sites with local businesses. Members are paid directly by the employer.

Oasis House is a recovery-oriented joint operation between members and staff, where people with a history of mental illness can go for support in their efforts to become more a part of their community. The clubhouse is located at 751 S. Queen Street, York PA. For more information, click here and/or contact Joanna Witmer at 717-848-3566.

To learn more about how your business in the York/Hanover, PA area can connect with Bell’s vocational programs to provide workers for your company and learning experience for Bell workers, email us at workready@bellsocialization.com. 

What exactly is a Community Based Work Assessment?

A Community Based Work Assessment (CBWA) is a tool to evaluate an individual’s vocational abilities, behaviors and preferences in a competitive, integrated work environment, using one-to-one job coaching.  It is real work at actual jobs and actual work sites for the purpose of vocational planning. At no cost to the employer, the participant performs the job duties assigned for a predetermined amount of hours.  The employment training specialist (aka job coach) will provide some assistance when necessary, but the primary goal is to assess the person’s abilities and needs relative to the work site.  The individual also gains valuable work experience and an understanding of specific job duties.