Re-Source York

Inspiring our community by being environmentally and socially responsible.

Re-Source York

The first book read by Bell’s Beyond the Pages book club is Tattoos on the Heart, by Fr. Greg Boyle. One of its passages includes the line, “We situate ourselves right next to the disposable so that the day will come when we stop throwing people away.”  At Bell, we do this every. day.

To us, no one is disposable. And one way we help people find their place in community is by offering opportunities for meaningful work. A chance to discover their value in society.

In 2002, Bell partnered with York Habitat for Humanity to open Re-Source York. A key reason for this venture was to provide employment opportunities for people with mental illness who were receiving services through Bell programs. To help them gain skills and confidence and a sense of self worth.  Another was to keep usable goods from being sent to the landfill. And, the hope was, that the enterprise would generate proceeds to be feed back into Bell to support our programs.

Fast forward to the present. Bell is now (since 2009) the sole collaborator, and Re-Source York’s home improvement stores have contributed more than $60,000 to Bell.


You are part of this caring equation with your donations to and purchases from RSY stores.  Check out the constantly revolving inventory of goods at both the home improvement and home furnishings stores, knowing you’re making a difference. You’re not only providing a new use for someone else’s discarded goods, you’re helping people see they are not disposable.

Re-Source York  |  HOME IMPROVEMENT materials & supplies | 161 E. Ninth Avenue, North York  | 717-852-7574

Whether you’re looking for a replacement door, a ceiling fan, or an entire kitchen cabinet set up, you’re bound to find it (and lots more) at Re-Source York — priced far below specialty or box store costs. Since the entire inventory is donated, you can find everything from nuts and bolts to skids of tile and brand new whirlpool baths. It’s worth the trip (or visit the web site) to check out current inventory.

Re-Source York  |  HOME FURNISHINGS | 405 Carlisle Avenue, York | 717-718-3182

The Carlisle Avenue home furnishings store is jam-packed with great bargains and all manner of unexpected treasures.  Decor, housewares, and furniture items from antiques and cool vintage to nearly new – all priced to sell.

Donations to the stores are tax deductible.