Board Member Spotlight: Dr. Robert Lease Jr.

This Feel Good Friday Bell is recognizing Board Member, Robert Lease. Bob’s connection to Bell started nearly 55 years ago. In 1965, Bob attended York College. He said, “I was involved right from the beginning when it was known as “The Bell Club.” One night there would be bingo, the next square dancing, games, and food.”
Bob continued, “One of the boards that I was involved in was the Mental Health Association of York County. The Bell Club was a committee of that association. The program got to be so good that we needed to hire a director. There was a movement to break off and become independent. A lot of folks wanted Bell to succeed.”
With enthusiasm and a love for his community, Bob said, “York itself was ahead of its time due to the leadership it had. Bell created service programs in mental health, intellectual disabilities, and helping people who were homeless. These were areas that a lot of people ignored. When I think of Bell I think we can help.” Bell has continued to help our community for over 50 years.
“Bell was probably a pioneer in the field with their community based programs, assisting people with finding a place to live, and rehabilitation programs. Plus the organization gave people a place to work,” Bob continued, “Bell has remained all of these years due to the people involved and its reputation. It evolved from The Bell Club with 40 people to serving thousands of people.”
As Bob mentions Bell’s employees he said, “They have passion, enthusiasm, and dedication for what they do.”
The same can be said about Robert Lease.