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Give Local York 2022

Amazing, York County! You all are soooo generous. As of Friday at 4PM, the fundraising thermometer spilled over the top of Bell’s $40,000 Give Local York campaign goal and you got behind us and stretched and stretched until by the time 10:00 rolled around, our total was more than $47,000! (as of this writing, it’s […]

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Jessica Putnam Receives 2021 Ivan G. Hileman Award

As the program coordinator for Bell’s Community Hospital Integration Project Program (CHIPP) Assisted Living program, Jessica Putnam oversees three community living homes that each provide 24/7 care for three mental health service users. Jessica’s supervisor, Kris Stroup, nominated Jessica for the Ivan G. Hileman award because, she says, Jessica’s leadership skills became even more evident […]

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The Courage to Change

“You were given this life, because you are strong enough to live it.” Unknown Monday’s Mental Health Moment is focused on one woman’s motivation, dedication, and courage to change. Cheyanne Skelton, a Health Choices Caseworker in Bell’s Supported Housing program, said, “I grew up being labeled with a mental health diagnosis, and therefore it pushed […]

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