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Generosity: a readiness to give more

When someone mentions the holiday season, we often think of gratitude. (OK, OK, maybe we think of turkey, or family, or gifts. Then gratitude!) There’s plenty to be said for giving thanks, even in the most challenging times. But while gratitude focuses on the blessings bestowed to us, it’s generosity that inherently shifts the focus […]

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Family Finds Help at Shelter

Two jobs lost, a sublease gone wrong, and an eviction notice. Before they could wrap their head around it all, Bryan and Sky Forde’s family was homeless. “Nothing was in our name and we ended up being evicted because the person we subleased through was not paying the rent [we paid them] to the landlord,” […]

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2020 Rita Patz Good Neighbor Award

Rita Patz was a founding Bell volunteer representing the Alexander Goode Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary. She volunteered with operating the Monday Night Program for more than 30 years, pitched in with many other volunteer opportunities, and was voted Board Member Emeritus by Bell’s Board of Directors.  The Rita Patz Liberty Bell Drop-In Center on King […]

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