New School Uniforms at Bell Family Shelter

Our regular volunteer Marla Urey is at it again! Marla serves as the school nurse at Price Elementary School in Lancaster, and it was recently decided that students of Price Elementary no longer have to wear school uniforms. Since the school had so many discarded uniforms, Marla contacted us to see if we could use them for the children residing in Bell Family Shelter, most of whom attend York city schools. We very happily received the hundreds of new slacks, jumpers, shirts and jerseys, which we have been able to distribute to the school children as they start the new school year. There are even enough to share with new families who enter the shelter throughout the school year! Along with the hefty backpack donation we received earlier this month, it’s shaping up to be an exciting school year for the kids at Bell Family Shelter! Thank you, Marla Urey and the school district of Lancaster for your generosity!