Beth’s Inspirational Journey in Bell’s CHIPP Supported Living Program

Having the right support system can be the beacon that guides us to our brightest moments. Beth, an individual in our CHIPP Supported Living Program, highlights this as she shares her story with us.

Beth recounted her journey, “In 1994, I moved into Market House (part of our Launch Program), and Bell truly saved my life. I was 21 or 22 at the time. It’s hard to think that I’ve had a mental health condition for that long, even before then.” With empathy, she added, “I can sympathize with people who are struggling with a mental health diagnosis, especially young people.”

Reflecting on her experiences, Beth shared, “I’ve lived in various places, from group homes to a personal care home, and now in my CHIPP Supported Living apartment, where I’ve been for five years. I love it! I’ve never felt more stable.”

“As soon as I moved into my CHIPP apartment, I started doing things. It’s made a huge difference in my life. While I know I’ve put in the hard work, the support from the staff is great,” Beth expressed enthusiastically. “Today, I’m accomplishing things I never thought possible ten years ago.”

“Simple tasks that might seem small to others are big for me. Going to Walmart alone, grabbing a meal at Panera, taking the bus, even joining a church – these are all milestones,” she explained. “The progress I’ve made is like night and day.”

Beth concluded with happiness, saying, “Being in the CHIPP Supported Living Program provides me the independence of having my apartment with the support of staff, onsite, if needed. Bell is truly wonderful. I’ve formed lasting friendships here, and I can’t praise Bell and the CHIPP Supported Living Program enough for how they’ve transformed my life for the better. I do not know where I would be without Bell.”

Beth, your remarkable resilience, determination, and personal growth are inspiring. Your infectious enthusiasm for life uplifts those around you, brightening each day. Be proud of every achievement you’ve made. Thank you, Beth, for sharing your empowering and inspiring journey with us.