Congratulations, Angela Weaver and Mary Griest, on your promotion!

Angela Weaver, the Director of IDD Services, and Mary Griest, the Assistant Director of IDD Services.

Bell Socialization Services proudly announces the promotions this spring of Angela Weaver to Director of Intellectual/Developmental Disability (IDD) Services and Mary Griest to Assistant Director of IDD Services.

Angela and Mary bring both experience and dedication to their new roles. Angela has been with Bell for 13 years, most recently serving as Assistant Director of IDD services, and Mary for 25 years, most recently as IDD services Training Coordinator.

Both started their journey at Bell as Direct Support Professionals at Bell’s Cedar Street community living home. Reflecting on their experiences, Angela shared, “What I appreciate about Bell is that we allow people to be who they are, meeting them where they are.” Mary echoed this sentiment, reflecting that she appreciates, “Just having an individual be themselves and helping them grow. Being there throughout their lifespan.”

When asked what she is looking forward to in her new role, Angela mentioned the importance of working with the IDD leadership team to assess the department’s effectiveness. Together, they have developed training and protocols to move the department forward.  She said, I can see the day-by-day progress that we’re making, and the changes, I think in the long run, are all for the better. Our team is amazing and positive.”

Since they stepped into their roles in March, Angela and Mary led a reorganization of the department’s residential services homes, went through the successful licensing of Bell’s adult training facility, AIM (Always Include Me), and handled duties from both their previous and current roles, demonstrating their commitment to doing what is necessary to get the work done.  Angela said, “I believe you cannot expect your staff to do or show up for something you’re not doing.”

Bell Socialization Services celebrates the advancement of our employees into senior leadership roles. We look forward to witnessing Angela’s and Mary’s efforts to further ​advance Bell’s mission to provide an environment of support and empowerment where people can improve their quality of living, moving us closer to Bell’s vision of a community where people are valued and respected and live with dignity.