Bell Socialization Receives York County Community Foundation’s THRIVE Grant

Bell Socialization is proud to announce we have been awarded a York County Community Foundation’s THRIVE Grant. The York County Community Foundation is a local philanthropy organization devoted to “[creating] a vibrant York County by engaging donors, providing community leadership, and investing in high-impact initiatives while building endowment for future generations.” The THRIVE Grant in particular aims to support programs that build economic mobility for low-income individuals and will be used to fund Bell’s Next Door program, Family Shelter, and Mental Health Supported Housing Program.

The money from the $10,300 THRIVE Grant will be used to fund rental applications for service users in Bell’s homeless and housing support services. “Sometimes clients don’t have the money or have limited money for application fees for apartment units,” said Assistant Director of Mental Health Services Lori Leister. “These fees have increased over the years, and sometimes households are being asked to pay a fee for everyone in the household. There are not many resources in York to assist with this, which is why we applied for the grant.” This funding will jumpstart the application process for households with limited resources and further enable us to help these families secure housing.

Thank you to our friends at the York County Community Foundation for this generous contribution!