Thank You, Rebecca Shanaman, for Joining Bell’s Board of Directors!

Bell is Thrilled to Announce that Rebecca Shanaman, the Chair of CGA Law Firm’s Real Estate Practice Group, joined Bell’s Board of Directors!

When asked about Bell’s mission and values, Rebecca said, “One of my core personal beliefs is that all people deserve dignity, kindness, and empathy. I was a social worker before I became a lawyer. There are so few resources available to people experiencing challenges with mental health, intellectual developmental disabilities, or housing insecurity. Since I returned to York in 2016, I have had the opportunity to see that Bell is skilled at creating programs that help those who need support in these areas. They do it with dignity, kindness, and empathy. Bell’s mission and execution of the mission are entirely in line with my fundamental beliefs.”

While discussing her motivation, she commented, “I have two main motivations. The first is a little cheesy, but it’s love. Fundamentally, what drives me is the love for my family and community. It motivates me to try to make our little corner of the world a little better and a little more fair (and to set a good example for my kids while doing it). The second is joy. There is a lot of joy in this life, and I want to help others find it, too.”

Hearing about Bell through long-time Board Member Rees Griffiths, a colleague Rebecca deeply respected and admired, she said, “I already knew that I would like just about any organization that Rees endorsed. Then I met Tony Schweitzer while representing a party that sold some real estate to Bell and was immediately impressed with Tony’s passion for the organization and leadership.”

“What made Bell special to me is the people at the helm and the mission. I have been lucky to work with certain Bell staff and board members before I joined the board, including Tony, Marcella, Peggy, Zak Wolpert, Bob Lease, and Tim Klimchock,” Rebecca added, “Each one of them is so dedicated to helping others, so competent, so kind, so empathetic, so encouraging, and so fun. I could see the culture they have created and how that would translate to the people Bell serves, and it was joyful! They just made it something I wanted to be a part of.”

Bell extends its warmest gratitude to Rebecca Shanaman for her exceptional leadership, expertise, and dedication to the community. With her valuable contributions, Bell looks forward to advancing its mission of empowering individuals and fostering a community where people are valued and respected and live with dignity.