Compassion and Creativity at AIM

Victor and Alicia with one of the new pieces of artwork created by the individuals and staff at AIM.

Victor Holler, the Program Coordinator at AIM, Bell’s licensed adult training facility, emphasized the importance of understanding one’s motivation: “You have to figure out your why. What inspires or encourages you? For me, I enjoy seeing other people grow and advance.”

Observing Victor and Alicia, the Day Program Supervisor, interacting with the individuals, you see their “why” in action. The environment they create is nurturing, empowering, and creative. You can see their creativity and happiness in their smiles and the art projects they have worked on together. 

On the wall are two meaningful works of art designed by Alicia. One art piece has imprints of everyone’s handprints, while the other captures moments of collaboration through photographs. The artwork at AIM reflects its mission to “Always Include Me.” We thank Victor, Alicia, and the individuals at AIM for sharing their beautiful artwork, creativity, and their ‘why’ with us.