Savannah’s Mission

In August of this year, York Suburban eighth-grader Savannah Hawes decided she wanted to give back to her local community. She and her mother looked into local organizations benefiting kids and teenagers, and Bell was the first that came up. With that, they decided to host a drive for items from our Amazon wish list, spreading the word through text and word of mouth before opening a Facebook page for the event. Before long, they saw an influx of support and packages from all along the east coast: New York, Virginia, New Jersey, even as far as North and South Carolina.

And yes, we MEAN overflowing!

This past Thursday, October 5, Savannah and her parents came to Bell Family Shelter to deliver the fruits of their labor. Two cars overflowing with boxes pulled up to the front of the shelter where staff and members of our Community Engagement team warmly received them. Each box was filled with totes, towels, hygiene products, baby products, cleaning supplies, snacks, and other items for the families at the shelter. 

“It is important for children who are privileged to think about homelessness. So, when she made the decision, I said, ‘alright, let’s do it,’” says Savannah’s mother Melinda, who coordinated the drive.

Savannah and her parents helped move the packages inside.

Savannah is involved with soccer and marching band at York Suburban, along with doing charity work for organizations like Bell. In the future, she hopes to be a doctor or a firefighter. Soft-spoken and courteous, she doesn’t seek recognition and simply wants to do good for her community. “I just feel like giving back is a good thing to do,” she affirms. When asked if she has always been so community-minded, she simply answered, “yes.”

Thank you, Savannah, Melinda, and everyone else who organized and contributed to this amazing drive! Your work is appreciated by the families who rely on our shelter every day!