Congratulations Victor on Your Outstanding Performance Award

Theresa Franklin (Director of Intellectual Disability), Tony Schweitzer (Executive Director), Victor, and Lizabeth Mojica (Program Coordinator).

We are starting the week with an Outstanding Performance Award (OPA). Congratulations, Victor Holler! Your positive attitude, dedication, and compassion shine brightly in everything you do.

Lizabeth Mojica said, “Victor is a great team player and an amazing morale booster. We cannot thank him enough for his willingness to help at all of the group homes. Victor has only been a supervisor for a year, and he has stepped up to cover another home that does not have a supervisor. He splits his shifts to meet the needs of both homes. Victor’s positive attitude, ease of conversing with him, and willingness to help anyone are appreciated.”

“Not only do office personnel have a great relationship with Victor, but the individuals adore him. He has a great rapport with everyone he meets,” continuing Liz said, “Victor has built strong relationships with the families of the individuals and their healthcare providers. A parent praised his work ethic and the excellent care provided to the individuals. Victor is an exemplary role model and the definition of a Direct Support Professional.”

Victor, Bell thanks you for going above and beyond in a million and one ways. Your compassion, joy for what you do, and positive energy make a difference each day. You are truly outstanding!