It Doesn’t Stay Dark Forever

Despite facing a difficult situation, Tara, a client of Bell’s Next Door Program, never lost hope. She said, “I had to raise my brothers and sisters growing up. At 32 years old, I have never had a mother or father in general and I made it through life. I want my kids to know that you can go through things but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t stay dark forever.”

Almost two years ago Tara went to stay at two different shelters with her daughters. This is when she started with Bell. Tara commented, “I know what it is like to bounce around. I know what it is like to have nothing. To go to school without any shoes. When I found myself in this situation as an adult and having kids it was hard because I worried about how my kids were feeling.”

Continuing Tara said, “A lot of great resources came from Next Door for me and my kids. I am happy to be where I am at now,” she added, “Amy (the Assistant Program Coordinator at Next Door) has been such a great help. Having somebody support you and stand beside you is really great. I have never met someone so happy and cheerful. Amy is amazing and has brought a lot out of me.”

For the first time in her life, Tara had someone who supported and encouraged her. Tara said, “I have been through ten foster homes, eight different schools, and after being adopted I was kicked out at 18. When I saw people actually standing behind me and supporting me it really gave me an increase in my motivation. I realized I do have a lot to live for.”

“When you have people like Amy and the Next Door Program stand beside you and give you nothing but words of encouragement this makes the biggest difference. I feel at peace now than where I was a couple of years ago,” Tara added, “Next Door gave me the skillset to be independent, to be able to maintain, to be stable, and taught me how to manage my income.”

As Tara talks about her five-year goal plan, she says, “I tell my kids that things get better as time goes. I am happy I went through everything that I went through in life because it taught me to be a better person. My job is to be a good parent and an advocate for my kids. My job is to be my best me so my kids can be their best.”

In just two years’ time, Tara went from staying at a shelter to having a home for her and her daughters, a job, goals, and most importantly hope. Hope for the future as she works on her five-year plan to have her own company, purchase her first house, and travel with her daughters. The support, resources, and encouragement of the Next Door Program assisted Tara in building the life she has always wanted.