Light the Way for Mental Health

Every May during Mental Health Awareness Month, the York County Human ServicesLight the Way for Mental Health campaign sheds light on mental health with one simple gesture: asking each of us to place one green light in a visible location in our home, place of business, school, or church to GREEN and keep it on for the whole week. This light will help spark the conversation about eliminating the stigma of living with mental illness.

Members of Bell’s mental health services department participated in the County event held Monday, May 6 to kick off the campaign. Green lights are hung in the front window at the main Bell office in York, and Bell staff and service users have affixed big green mental health awareness ribbons to many other windows in the building to show our commitment to the effort.


Bell will further be acknowledging mental health awareness month with an open house at Oasis House on Wednesday, May 15 at the program headquarters, 751 S. Queen Street, York. Check the Oasis House open house event page on Facebook for info and updates.