Team of Three Receive OPA!

Three Cheers & Congratulations to Sheri Andrews, Tim Sipe, and Renee Strathmeyer in Bell’s Oasis House program; this dedicated trio are the newest recipients of Bell’s Outstanding Performance Award (OPA)!
Renee, Tim, and Sheri were nominated by Lori Leister, assistant director of Bell’s mental health services department because they have “worked very hard since January to make sure clubhouse continues running smoothly and providing top-notch services.”

Surprise! You’re getting an OPA!

Lori notes that when the OH program coordinator went on family leave in January, it presented challenges as everyone had to take on extra work. “Tim took on the counting of money, Sheri took on billing and tracking program paperwork, and Renee took over preparing for Advisory Board meetings” when the team went from six to five members. At the end of January, another co-worker left, leaving the remaining four to adjust again and take on additional duties. Then at the end of March, a third co-worker left and the team of six that was in place in December became a team of three.

Nominator, Lori Leister (far left), with OPA winners Tim Sipe, Sheri Andrews, and Renee Strathmeyer. Executive director, Tony Schweitzer, back row.

“This awesome team of three people made sure meals were prepared, clubhouse members received assistance with paperwork and jobs, new members were welcomed, and all member’s needs were still met,” Lori said in her nomination. “While there were definitely touch days, Lori continued,” this team pulled together and motivated themselves with the phrase “Clubhouse Strong,” which has now become a daily saying to remind all at Oasis House that we move through whatever comes our way.”

A new Oasis House program coordinator is now on board – watch for an introduction to Rebecca Franz soon – and the team is settling into a new routine, continuing to keep Oasis running day-to-day.
Are you or someone you know looking for meaningful work? Consider a position at Bell’s Oasis House. Look for the Clubhouse Generalist listing on our Careers at Bell page.