2020 Hileman Long-time Employee Award

Anyone connected to Bell Socialization Services between 1977 and 2017 likely knew Ike Hileman.

Not long after his early days running mental health programs and transporting participants from Harrisburg State Hospital, Ike was selected to be Bell’s executive director. During his 40-year tenure he guided the organization through much growth, including the addition of mental retardation (now known as intellectual and developmental disability) and shelter services, building residential programs in all three departments, and developing key relationships with funding sources and many other community partners right up until his retirement in the spring of 2017.

The Ivan G. Hileman Award is awarded to a current Bell employee with 15 or more years of employment and dedicated service, who has shown particularly note-worthy performance while demonstrating a commitment to being in it for the long haul.

Overseeing staff and caring for residents in a group living home is not the easiest job on any given day. Toss in stay-at-home protocols, and the uncertainty and fear of living in a global pandemic reality, and some would wither. But not someone who has been looking after her Bell family for more than 20 years, always with their best interest at heart. Nominated by one of the employees who sees her supervisor’s dedication and commitment every day,

The recipient of Bell’s 2020 Ivan G. Hileman Long-time Employee Award is Janet Scott.