Always Part of the Bell Family

When we take that first step, our journey truly begins. Nate Reimold’s journey with Bell began in May 2019 when he started his internship. It has been a journey of growth and of learning that he will carry with him throughout his career in the mental health field.

Nate, a Residential Caseworker with Bell’s Community Residential Apartment Services, said, “Doing my internship at Bell was an AMAZING experience!” He chose Bell because his parents had worked here “once upon a time.”

Kris Stroup, Director of Mental Health Services, shared, “I worked with both of Nate’s parents, and they were a big part of the Bell family in the 80’s and 90’s. So, it was really heartwarming to meet Nate at a Mental Health community event.”

Nate added, “After chatting with Kris at a mental health fair I had volunteered at, I decided to intern as an Apartment Counselor in CHIPP, which is another large reason I chose Bell. This was exactly the right fit.”

“My professor was extremely impressed with the extensive knowledge I was able to gain here at Bell. I am so grateful for all that I have learned,” Nate continued, “I feel that having that real job experience, during my internship, greatly prepared me for not only my position as a caseworker, but for my future career in mental health.”

Kris warmly expressed, “We came to recognize Nate’s skills and talents and were more than thrilled that he interviewed to work for us.”

Friday, March 12th, was Nate’s last day with Bell, but this is not goodbye. Nate, like his parents, will always be a part of the Bell family.

“He will be missed but we are pleased that he was able to learn and grow here at Bell. As he moves on, he can take that knowledge and further his career helping others, said Kris.

As one door opens, another door closes, but all those memories, friendship, and beautiful moments are carried with us throughout our life.

Thank you Nate, for starting your career with Bell, for making a difference in the lives of others, for your dedication, and hard work. We are grateful for the time you have spent here and WISH YOU THE BEST in your future endeavors.