LTP Group Receives Community Services Award

Kelsey Hoke, Brandon Bromley, Amy Heim, and Adriana Pozos met for the first time when they joined Leadership York’s Leadership Training Program in 2020. While there were initially seven people in “Team D,” three members of the group were called away by other commitments, leaving these four to take on the task of choosing a community service project they would coordinate as part of their LTP process.

As they saw the seeds of their efforts take root and bloom, the group was awed by the results of a community coming together.

Pauline Whitacre – Bell’s former executive director, Ike Hileman, described Pauline Whitacre as the kindest sweetest person he knew. She was a mental health service user who volunteered daily at Bell for more than 20 years to provide peer support to other service users long before the concept of peer support was in existence. She used her own vehicle and time to transport people to the first Bell Club drop-in center, always helping people to feel welcome and heard.