Meggan Shearn Receives 2021 Personal Achievement Award

She’s been through some hard times in her relatively young life, but Meggan Shearn has found a place to work through her challenges, find support, and help other people in the process. At Bell’s Oasis House clubhouse, Meggan is part of a network of people who are setting goals to improve their lives and working hard to meet and exceed those goals.

With the premature loss of her brother last year, it is still sometimes difficult for Meggan to pull herself out of depression, but she does it with the help of clubhouse support. She is committed to being there for her nephew and tell him about his dad. And she’s committed to doing right by herself, including surrounding herself with people who provide a positive influence and support her personal growth and wellbeing.

Meggan understands that the path of recovery is a winding one so when there are low points she works through it and starts over and over again, setting an example for fellow travelers to take an active role in their own journey.