She said yes! (she always does)

Today, Airis Mercado said yes to helping out Melinda Hershner, development coordinator in Bell’s community engagement office, with a project. Little did she know that the CE team had something else entirely up their sleeve: an “engagement” ring presentation!
“This is the first time we’ve selected a fellow Bell employee for this recognition,” said Averie Clark, CE director. “I’m 100% behind this choice,” added Janel Fox, outreach coordinator. 
The engagement ring idea was initiated several years ago to honor people, typically in the community, who are always at the ready to help out with Bell needs or projects, pitching in cheerfully when they’re asked.
Mercado, who recently accepted a new position at Bell as the program coordinator for both the mental health supported housing program and the Higher Standard Project, is one of those people. More often than not when the CE team offers an opportunity for employees to be a part of something, Airis steps up. She will gladly staff a table at an event, agree to be interviewed for a magazine article, sit on the United Way employee campaign committee, volunteer for a special event, and more.
And today, which happens to be her birthday, Airis said yes once again. This time we put a ring on her finger to let her know how much we appreciate her.