A Flying Start

Great news: our newly renamed Launch program (formerly CRAS) had a very successful licensing this past August! As a Community Residential Rehabilitation service, Launch is given a license to operate by the Department of Human Services, specifically the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. DHS comes to Launch once a year to make sure the staff are providing adequate services and following all of the necessary guidelines to renew the program’s license. “It is important because without our license, we are not able to provide CRR services to consumers in our community who so desperately need it,” said Launch program coordinator Yvette Engel.

Going forward, Launch is looking for items for its group homes and individuals living in apartments. Specifically, the program needs curtains, hygiene products, pots and pans, Tupperware, silverware, mattress protectors, mops and brooms, cleaning products, paper products, and various forms of wall decor. (Particularly, decorations relating to Launch’s new nautical theming are appreciated.) If you have any items you think would be right at home at Launch, contact our Outreach Coordinator Janel Fox at 717-848-5767 ext. 1515 or email her at jfox@bellsocialization.com to schedule a drop-off!