Central York Students Organize Book Drive

It’s back-to-school season, and you know what that means: books! Luckily for the children at Bell Family Shelter, they won’t have to worry about running out of stuff to read this summer thanks to the generosity of a few high school students. 

Central York High School student Kathryn Fives was brainstorming with her friends, Kaylee and Sophie, on what to do for their community service project as part of the National English Honor Society. She decided a book drive would be a fitting way to integrate literacy into their service project and remembered her past contributions to Bell, having completed various projects at Bell Family Shelter as part of her girl scout troop. “I remembered what I’d heard about the various things the kids at the shelter don’t have like TVs, so I thought collecting books would be a good way to give them something,” says Kathryn.

The kids are learning to read!

Throughout the spring, the girls collected books from their friends and fellow students, raising awareness via word of mouth. On Wednesday, July 12th, they delivered four hefty bags of books to Bell Socialization’s main office, where they were distributed to Bell Family Shelter and other local services for children. The kids are already enjoying their new reading material, and they know just who to thank for it!

Kathryn and her friends will be seniors this upcoming school year, and she’s currently looking into how she can continue to benefit Bell as part of her gold project for Girl Scouts.