Purpose and Stability Through Work

Work is a crucial element in our lives. It gives us purpose, drives us, connects our ambitions and aspirations, and offers financial stability. Oasis House York‘s Transitional Employment Program (TEP) provides members with fantastic employment opportunities and experience.
Currently, Anthony, a clubhouse member of Oasis House, has been doing an incredible job at GSK as part of the TEP. He truly enjoys the work he does.
Joanna Richoux, Oasis House Program Coordinator, shared, “In one shift, Anthony pressed 150 shirts. He has improved his speed and learned a new logo and various typesets for the shirts. They are happy with him.”
“Anthony is very reliable at getting work done and following through on things.” Joanna added, “We wanted to find the right fit, and this is it. He is doing a great job.”
Congratulations Anthony! You can be proud of the work you are doing and everything you are accomplishing. Thank you, also, to community business partner GSK, for this employment opportunity.