Bell People and Partnerships Celebrated Through Program Awards

Oasis House York held its annual Employment and Education Dinner in mid November, recognizing clubhouse members who are working or in school. As has been the case for years, the room fills with applause as members receive certificates for their achievements.

One of Oasis House‘s longest ongoing employment partnerships has been with Apple Car Wash Express. Offering employment to members of Bell’s clubhouse program, the partnership helps people living with mental illness to gain paid work experience in a supportive environment.

Jeff, a representative from Apple, was on hand at the dinner and offered a few words. “We are proud to work with Oasis House and their Transitional Employment Program. We have had many wonderful employees come through the program over the years.”
“Right now,” Jeff said, “we have Jerome as a permanent cleaning specialist. Jerome has done amazing work on our outdoor vacuums, keeping things sparkling clean and our grounds spotless. Jerome also helps us clean cars when we get behind. Thank you, Jerome, very much.”
As Jerome received his award certificate, he said, “Thank you for appreciating me.”
Carla, another clubhouse member, is also employed at Apple Car Wash. Jeff commented, “Carla does a fantastic job. Every morning she shows up with a smile on her face, ready to work hard. Thank you, Carla, for doing a great job.”
Congratulations to Oasis House members who are part of the clubhouse’s Transitional Employment Program (TEP), and a big thank you to Apple Car Wash – as well as other TEP employment partners GSK, CSG, Wolfgang Confectioners, Re-Source York, and Brewvino – for providing the empowering opportunity of employment that leads to a life lived with dignity and respect.