Bell at LifePath’s “Wear It For A Week” Luncheon

Here at Bell, we’re always looking to support our partners. As a nonprofit aiming to benefit the community, partnering with local organizations is of utmost importance to us. “Being able to hear other’s experiences helps to understand that as a service provider, we all have similar stories,” corroborates Program Coordinator of Next Door Elise Stoner. “We need all the help we can get in this field. It is very helpful to know we are not alone in our work to help those in need.”

In the service of supporting our local partners, several Bell employees attended the Wear It For A Week luncheon hosted by LifePath Christian Ministries on November 10! The event marked the end of LifePath’s “Wear It For A Week” campaign where participants wore the same outfit for a week to raise awareness of what it’s like to have limited clothes when experiencing homelessness. At the end of the luncheon, a silent auction was held for a variety of outfits from LifePath’s own thrift store. For each outfit auctioned, a $50 LifePath Thrift Store gift card was given to one of the guests at LifePath’s homeless shelters, and all funds from the auction went toward providing meals, clothes, and shelter to those in need.

Tracy Young speaking at the event.

The event also featured a presentation from guest speaker Tracy Young. Tracy has given back to the community in many ways such as volunteering for local organizations, serving in the United States Marine Corps, and even founding his own nonprofit, On Common Ground, to help others change their lives for the better. At the luncheon, he narrated his own journey of recovery from drugs and alcohol, reminding others that the trials of life can be overcome with love and support. As Tracy says, “Relationships are the key to recovery.”

The Bell employees who attended the luncheon considered it a very fruitful experience. They describe the event as well-organized and motivational, drawing special attention to Tracy as a “funny and poignant” communicator.

“LifePath does a phenomenal job of bringing the issue of homelessness to the light of day,” says Philanthropy Officer Peggy Davidson. “Their events touch the hearts of people in our community who might not understand who is homeless and how easily it can happen. By connecting to the heart, people can better understand and do something to help in a way that’s meaningful.”

The employees also speak to the importance of the event and for agencies like Bell and LifePath to partner on issues like homelessness. “These events bring local provider agencies together to network and also share information,” says Assistant Director of Mental Health Services Lori Leister. “For me, I felt that my role in this event was to support LifePath, a partner agency in sharing their word and mission.”