2018 Award Winners Announced at Annual Meeting

Many individuals and families, businesses, organizations, and other groups provide support for Bell throughout the year. When we meet each October for the agency’s Annual Meeting, there is opportunity to take note of some of those who Bell staff recognize as being especially supportive.

The following were recognized at the 2018 Annual Meeting held Tuesday, October 2 at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, York.

Bell executive director Tony Schweitzer with Jessica Mockabee

Margo Atwood Community Services Award – awarded to the individual or group that provides their time and resources to enhance Bell’s programs:  Jessica Mockabee.

Jessica has been an integral part of the relationship between Bell and the York County Department of Human Services. She has advocated for and helped secure needed funding for the Bell Family Shelter and Bridge Housing programs, especially for unplanned expenses and major repairs. She has been very supportive of the agency’s Next Door program and made adjustments to the funding formula to make administration of the program much easier.


Pauline Whitacre Community Services Award – presented to an individual or group that provides time and resources to enhance Bell’s mental health programs: Northern York Regional Police Department.

Deputy Chief of Police, Dave Lash and Lieutenant Gregg Anderson with members of the Bell ACT team

This department has worked with Bell’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team on many occasions over the past year, meeting staff at client homes, parking lots, and stores to help coordinate the safety of mental health clients. Officers worked with compassion and understanding with clients’ extreme psychotic behaviors, at all times working collaboratively with staff and respectfully with clients.

According to the nomination by ACT program coordinator, Christine Adkins, “While these things are inherent in their daily job, the manner in which these officers do it greatly exceeded expectations and experiences with other departments.”



Business of the Year Award – presented to a business that contributes time and resources to assist Bell in fulfilling its mission within the community:  Schlaline Print Shop, East Berlin, Diane and John Schlaline, owners.

The Schlalines with Tony Schweitzer and Lauren Campbell of Bell’s ATF program

The Schlaline Print Shop is a family business that created space for individuals in Bell’s Adult Training Facility (ATF) in New Oxford to volunteer. The individuals, all who live with varying degrees of intellectual disabilities, have built great relationships with the Schlalines because they are welcomed with genuine respect. Patty Reese, program coordinator for the ATF says, “the Schlalines have gone beyond simply making the individuals feel comfortable, to helping us feel like family.”


Rita Patz Good Neighbor Award –  awarded to the individual or group that depicts not only being a neigh of Bell Socialization Services, Inc., but close in association by providing neighborly time and/or resources to Bell: Bob’s West End News.

The owners and staff of this small business in West York, have provided great customer service to Bell’s mental health Social Rehabilitation programs, offering discounts and donations to help the program stretch its budget and make their gatherings for staff and service user a little nicer.

(Bob was unable to attend the meeting. The award will be presented at a later time.)