Bedrock Racers Receive Bell Ringer Trophy

Friendly congregants warmly welcomed representatives of Bell in advance of the 10:30 Sunday worship service at Zion United Methodist Church, in East Prospect on Sunday, August 20.

The Bell team was on hand to present a special trophy to some of the young people of the church in recognition of their success as the 2023 Bell’s Big Bed Race team who raised the most money for Bell.

In addition to the registration fee to participate in the Bed Race, the team set up an online fundraising page and also held a separate overnight activity to raise awareness of homelessness which brought in additional financial support. In total, they raised $960 and earned the Bell Ringer Trophy.

Team coordinator and youth leader Lindy Holzer showed a video of the race team in action at the April 15 event in downtown York. She said the group had a lot of fun and, through their overnight gathering, also learned an appreciation for the serious side of people being unhoused.

Bedrock Racers team members, costume makers, and chaperones were applauded and gratitude was expressed to the full congregation for supporting the efforts of the youth. “You are to be praised for creating such a supportive environment and for raising such fine young people,” said Bell’s Outreach Coordinator, Janel Fox.