Helping People Grow Helped Me Grow, Too

There are many rewarding reasons to work for Bell Socialization Services. Maria, who started at Bell as an intern and currently works at Oasis House, said, “I love working with people who just need a reminder that they can achieve their goals in the community and what resources are out there.”
She continued, “I found that some of the service users have some of the same doubts that I had as an intern and as a result, I found how the services users can also help me grow. I am always laughing with service users and staff. It has been great so far and an adventure.”
Maria, when her internship was ending, said, “I enjoyed where I worked, who I worked with and for, which caused me to believe that I would be proud to work for Bell. I had become a true part of the team at Oasis House.”
After her internship, Maria, when a position became available, was officially hired at Oasis House. She commented, “I still feel like a student sometimes because it is a career where I will never stop learning from the service users, the people I work with, and the many training opportunities that are available.”
Bell is grateful that Maria did her internship at Oasis House. We are even happier that she has continued her career at Bell and is thriving, learning, and truly making a difference in the lives of other people.
It is stories like Maria’s that describe the many rewards of working at Bell. Currently, there are openings at Bell Family Shelter and part-time and full-time Direct Support Professional positions. You can view all of Bell’s job openings and apply at
Thank you Maria for everything that you do each day! If you are looking for more than a job and want a satisfying career, then please consider applying to Bell.