November 19 Adopted by Bob Lease

November 19 has been adopted by Dr. Robert Lease, Jr.! As we mentioned last month, Bob adopted this day in honor of his wife Judy’s birthday. Including the day he adopted with Judy for their anniversary, this marks his second day on Bell’s calendar.

Bob met Judy 58 years ago when they were both part of the Jaycees. They met in the parking lot during a drum and bugle corps competition that Bob and Judy’s sister were in. Judy took Bob home, and the rest was history. “Seems like only yesterday,” Bob remarks. “I can still hear the drum corps music.” 

Since the beginning, Bob has been an avid supporter of Bell. He was a founding member of the Bell Club, having served with the Mental Health Association of York County as a representative of the Jaycees. Through raising three kids, Bob and Judy gave what little time and money they had to Bell. Even now, Bob is still a member of Bell’s board of directors. 

Like Judy, Bob was a teacher for many years before he retired. He taught social studies and driver education for 35 years at Central York High School and also spent his summers teaching motorcycle classes at Harley Davidson. After leaving Central, he spent another 10 years teaching driver’s ed at York Catholic High School. “I probably taught some 4,000 or 5,000 people how to drive,” he professes. “Hopefully, they don’t drive like I do.”

Above all, Bob embodies his values of service and charity. To this day, he lives by the last line of the Jaycee Creed: “service to humanity is the best work of life.” Naturally, he encourages others to support not only Bell, but any organization benefiting the community. “Share the wealth. I have been.”

Adopt-a-Day gifts cover the cost of operating Bell Family Shelter for a full day. If you’d like to join people like Bob in making sure the Shelter is open to welcome York County families in times of emergency, consider your own gift of support. You can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring monthly donation. Use our donation page to get started right now.