Re-Source York Adopts October 21

October 21 at Bell Family Shelter goes out to Re-Source York! Started as a partnership between Bell and York Habitat for Humanity in 2002, Re-Source York sells used furniture, home goods, and building supplies donated by the community. A portion of the sales from each Re-Source store is set aside and donated to Bell Family Shelter, which adds up to about one Adopt-a-Day each month. Through its economical reuse of local materials, Re-Source York embodies its core values of environmental and social responsibility.

25% off toilets, tubs, and showers for the rest of the week, and 25% off kitchen & bath single cabinets for the rest of the month!

The employees at the Re-Source York home improvement store are feeling very festive; not just for the spooky holidays, though they are certainly in the Halloween spirit as well. More importantly, yesterday was National Reuse Day, a day dedicated to reusing materials to create a greener, more sustainable economy. Since reuse is Re-Source York’s MO, this day really captures the company spirit. Check out their current sales: this week, they’re selling toilets, tubs, and showers for 25% off, and for the rest of the month, kitchen and bath single cabinets are 25% off.

Re-Source York’s home improvement store can be found at 161 East 9th Avenue, and their home goods store can be found at 405 Carlisle Avenue. If you’ve got a DIY project coming up or are looking to buy some furniture at a good price, head on over to Re-Source York!

PJ is feeling VERY enthusiastic about National Reuse Day!

Adopt-a-Day gifts cover the cost of operating Bell Family Shelter for a full day. If you’d like to join the fine folks at Re-Source York in making sure the Shelter is open to welcome York County families in times of emergency, consider your own gift of support. You can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring monthly donation. Use our donation page to get started right now.