A Circle of Compassion

Have you ever heard someone say something and it strikes you like a bolt of lightening?

That’s what happened while I was listening to an OnBeing podcast and Father Greg Boyle said, “Imagine a circle of compassion. Now imagine no one is standing outside that circle.” I immediately had to go online to learn more about Boyle’s work, and found an excerpt from his book,“Tattoos on the Heart.”

The text (below) speaks so clearly to the work Bell does every day. It reflects our person-first focus, seeing people as people not their diagnosis or situation, and meeting them where they are. Creating with them a kinship; letting them know we’re in this thing together.

One of the biggest opportunities we have at Bell is to help people see there is hope. For some, that begins with addressing their physical needs of shelter, food, and clothing. Then we engage more deeply, by listening with compassion, guiding them through obstacles and challenges while empowering them to believe there are better days ahead.  Some people are in and out of our door within hours; others rely on Bell services for weeks, months, and years.  Always, we stand beside them, providing an environment of support and empowerment so they can improve their quality of living.

Your generous gifts let people know you’re beside them, too.  Thank you!

Averie Clark
Office of Community Engagement