A Room for Robert & Lucas

Robert arrived at Bell Family Shelter with his son, Lucas, and one bag of belongings between them.  They were kicked out of the apartment Robert was sharing with his girlfriend, just after he paid the month’s rent.

Although working full-time, Robert lives paycheck to paycheck and can’t get a new place until he can save up for a security deposit. In order to get to work, he also has to find suitable daycare for Lucas.  They have no family nearby and no support network.  We had a room open and welcomed them in.*

Homelessness is a very real and present situation for many people in our community, creating constant demand for affordable family housing and shelters like ours.  Robert and Lucas are two of about 20 adults and 18 or more children in residence at the Shelter on any given night, and there are literally dozens of families on our current waiting list.

Since he’s been at the Shelter, Robert has already secured day care for Lucas and has several leads on apartments. Having a warm, safe place to be as he figures things out and navigates next steps is crucial. He’s motivated to get into his own place and probably won’t need a full 30-day stay with us.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably important to you that York County families have a safe place to sleep tonight. What you may not know is that to keep our 11-bedroom shelter running we need to raise at least $18,900 each month.

Please make a gift today to make sure the next open room is available for someone like Robert and Lucas.


Thank you!

*Bell Family Shelter is the only emergency shelter in the county that accepts adult males with children. It’s important to us that parents and children can stay together as they work things out.