I Wanted to Help Someone Make a Change

From Millersville University to intern to employee, meet New Beginnings Recovery Coach, Kirsten Hertzog. Kirsten has been at Bell for one year now and is a part of the New Beginnings Program in the Mental Health Department.
Kirsten originally wasn’t interested in Mental Health work but decided to give it a try and she ended up loving it. “I wanted to be that person to help someone make a change,” she said.
Part of her job involves coming up with fresh ideas for the consumers that she serves. They participate in activities that provide them with social skills, leisure activities, such as expressive arts, and recreational activities.
When it comes to serving the consumers, one part of the job that Kirsten really enjoys, is talking to them and getting to know them, “It allows the consumer to be heard and you get to figure out what works for them and it allows them to trust us.”
The New Beginnings program’s motto is “Wheels Up,” meaning that they are always going and helping each other and they pitch in where they are needed.
Kirsten said, “We’re fun! My coworkers are genuinely there for you as a colleague and a friend.”
Kirsten is pictured on the right swinging along with a consumer during a recreational day.