Passing the Torch…. or Gavel

Tim Klimchock joined Bell’s board of directors in February of 2008. He was elected to the position of board president in 2017, shortly after Tony Schweitzer moved into the role of the agency’s executive director. The two offered support to one another and cultivated a relationship that remains strong today.
Tony says, “Tim’s leadership has fostered the change that comes with new leadership and helped to build a strong base for our future endeavors.”
Tim has been an integral part of a new strategic planning process, working with board members and in-house directors to prioritize Bell’s current and future goals. Also, there has been a renewed focus on bringing new members onto the board, which has brought new talents to the agency.
At today’s board meeting – after four years of service, dedication, and leadership – Tim hands over the gavel to the incoming president, Leigh Ann Wilson.
When asked why he continues to serve on Bell’s board, Tim says, “I think it all comes down to my strong belief in empowerment. I think great things are possible by finding ways to empower others to help them grow and succeed.”
Thank you, Tim! Your guidance, humor, and energy have been instrumental to Bell’s progress these past years and certainly set the course for a bright future.