Thank You, Leigh Ann

Sincere gratitude to one of our key Bell volunteers, Leigh Ann Wilson, as she completes her term as president of Bell’s board of directors. Leigh Ann officially passed the torch to incoming president Zak Wolpert at the board’s June 6 meeting.

Zak Wolpert(left) and Tony Schweitzer present rose bushes and a certificate of appreciation to Leigh Ann Wilson at the board of directors’ June meeting.

“Leigh Ann Wilson is a person of action and compassion. She is a great asset to Bell’s board of directors,” shared Bell executive director, Tony Schweitzer. ”

Tony continued, “Having the privilege of working with Leigh Ann more closely during her term as president of the board, my respect for her as grown even further.” 

“Continuing the evolution of the board of directors started by her predecessor [Tim Klimchock], Leigh Ann worked enthusiastically to help grow the board’s understanding of the many services provided at Bell,” Tony shared.

Leading by example, Leigh Ann very generously shares her time, talent and treasure  – and her family, too, by involving her husband and children in projects with Bell – continually promoting greater board involvement with Bell both internally and out in the community.


“It was an incredible honor to serve as the Bell Socialization Services, Inc. Board President for the past two years,” Leigh Ann shared on Facebook, “We accomplished a lot together and more to come!”