Three Things to Remember When the Holidays Get to be Too Much

The shopping, the crowds, the traffic, the cooking, the family gatherings and work parties, school recitals and church events. Whoa!  Pull the reins on the team, Santa. I’m crying “uncle.”

Sound familiar? When you start to think more about getting through the holidays rather than enjoying them, consider these tips for reconnecting to the season:

  • Say no. At least once. Maybe more. Going overboard to please others during the holidays (or anytime) is a direct path to stress and becoming overwhelmed. Avoid over-scheduling by prioritizing in advance what is most important to you and those closest to you and sticking to it. Need a new mantra? Do less, enjoy more.


  • Let it go. So what if the house is a little cluttered, dinner is on the table a few minutes late, and the centerpiece isn’t Pinterest perfect. (Wait, I was supposed to have a centerpiece?) It’s not the end of the world. Adjust your focus away from sweating the small stuff, release expectations, and enjoy the people in your life.


  • Take care of you. Whether you’re putting together an intimate gathering or preparing for a house full of guests, remember to nourish yourself. Stick to your typical routine as much as possible, including exercise and drinking enough water. Try to avoid too much coffee or alcohol or skipping meals which can lead to over consumption (and its unwelcome sidekick, guilt). Whether it’s meditation or reading or a walk around the block, make time to reflect, refocus, and regain energy through self-care. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.